Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This is my official first blog!

This is my official very first blog!
Hi! I am Celine Miller! and WELCOME!
I would like to introduce myself to you. I am French, married to my handsome American husband Rhett. We have the most precious little girl.. that would be Marla. You will see a LOT of her on this blog! Her coming into our life has inspired me to change my sewing focus from home deco to little girls stuffs! I love making her dresses, skirts, and other goodies! It is my privilege and honor to sharewith you all the inspiration she brings to me! I am always thinking about something new... but I can't do it without the wonderful gifts God gave me!
My prayer is to use my skills to His service and His Glory. I hope to bring you the joy sewing brought to my life!

Lately, I read these words in a Max Lucado book entitled Fearless. This is what started it all over again for me. This insert is from the chapter called "Fear of Not Mattering:"
"Why does He love you so much? The same reason the artist loves his paintings or the boat builder loves his vessels. You are His idea. And God only has good ideas."

This statement translated to me as this whole new understanding and meaning behind my craft: learning to love myself and the way God loves me. When I create something, I take pride. If it doesn't completely work out, I strive to make it better and save it. That's exactly how much God loves me as his creation.
We as women tend to judge ourselves and get down on ourselves. That's my struggle. My mission through sewing and crafting is to grow stronger and to become confident knowing how much He loves me, but also to witness to you the comfort you can find in Him and teach our daughters to grow into confident women by setting the best image I can!
Alright! enough written already! let's get crafty!!!!

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