Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's a celebration!!! Very first Give-away!!!

My weekend kicked off on Friday night with a "diaper" shower for two ladies from our church, Radius. Since I had not gotten a chance to make it to the store to get a good deal on diapers, and mostly since I wanted to add my touch for these two ladies!, this is what I brought:
I call them diaper/wipe on-the-go! I am sure this isn't new in the world of babies, but it's for sure something I came up with when Marla was about 2 months old and I got tired of taking the giant diaper bag everywhere, along with my purse, the baby in the car seat, the blanket that kept falling out, the this, the that... There had to be something that I could make with all the fabric bits and pieces I was keeping all this time! I made this so it would perfectly carry a travel-size baby wipes pack in one pocket, and 2 or 3 diapers in the other pocket! And voila!!
I made a boy version for the Pitts family:
and a girl version for the Harmons family:
So now, let's get down to business... I made a third one! I got into such a groove last week while making the two I offered as gifts for these 2 families, that I decided to make one to give away to my fervent readers!!!!
When I planned this blog, I planned to have at least one giveaway-a-month! So this is the very first giveaway:
How does the giveaway work? It's very simple!!!!
1- leave me a comment at the end of this post!
2- leave me your email address in the comment!
3- you have until Tuesday September 21st, at 12am to enter your comment for a chance to win my diaper/wipe on-the-go!


  1. Girl, you rock!! You know I love your creations! You are so talented and thoughtful!!

    :) love you!

    Ashley :)

  2. Woot Woot...I love giveaways. But if I don't get it, I want you to teach me how to make them:)

  3. Can I be greedy and hope for another one for baby #2??? :)

  4. Celine, I am not sure if my last comment posted! Anyway, love the sewing, love the blog! Keep it up!

  5. I'm glad to see you have a blog... I'm going to book mark it and be one of your fans! I agree with Lannie - show us how to make one! So cute :)