Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas...

Hi everyone!
SO I know! I have been a bit MIA lately! But friends, know that I have been WORKING my little booty off and have a little project for Christmas I wanted to share with you!!!
So, off to the tutorial!

This is my take of an Advent Calendar! No chocolate or treat involved... sorry! I figured for my little Marla, numbers and moving Santa Claus down to the 24th should be thrilling enough!

Here is what you will need:

18"x18" linen-like fabric for the front
18"x18" cotton for the back of your calendar. I chose the red and white small checker board fabric for mine. It looks a bit more French!!! ; )
18"x18" white fleece
18"x18" cotton to stuff a quilt
24 red buttons--all sizes
a Christmas ornament of your choice. I recommend something light weight.
gros grain red ribbon (or any other color you are going with!)
thin paint brush
white acrylic paint

Let's start onto your front. We will mark where to sew the buttons with a pencil.
The numbers will be 3" away from each other on the horizontal:

Each line will be 4" away from each other on the vertical:

Time to sew your buttons on your 24 marks!

With the help of a white Crayola crayon, I drew my numbers right above the buttons:

Time to paint them:

Don't forget to take a break and admire your work! : )
I took the freedom to add a little something at the bottom of my calendar: "Joyeux Noel"
Merry Christmas in French --of course!

Time to sew it all together now!
Lay your pieces in this order: your back piece first:

You will pin a 12" long piece of gros grain red ribbon in order to hang your masterpiece! Pin in place like shown below on the top of your front piece.

Layer #2: your front piece.

Layer #3: your fleece piece.

Last layer: your quilt filler piece.

Let's review the order:

Sew all four sides without forgetting to leave a generous opening at the bottom of your piece in order to turn it inside out. I suggest you hand sew this opening afterwards.

This is it! Let's add the final touch with your Christmas ornament and admire your work! Little ones will love to move the ornament around as the days go by!
If you have an older child in the house, this is probably a great project to teach one how to hold a needle and sew buttons! It's one great lesson to get someone interested in the craft... just something to think about!!!

Have a great Holiday season everyone! I will be sharing with you some other clothing projects within the next couple weeks!! So see you soon!!