Thursday, September 15, 2011

Project Sharpie

Hello Everyone!!
So here is an easy project! I have been wanting to get some onesies monogrammed for Max and now, for the newest additions to the family my twin nieces who came to this world a week ago!!!
Welcome Miller Rose and Madden Alice! They ar the cutest twin girls I have ever seen!!!

So to welcome those two little ladies, I decided to make them a little something... and I thought they might be useful to set them apart because they do look a lot alike... they ARE twins!! ; )

To make my little Max and his twin cousins some personalized onesies, I used the new Sharpie Stained markers:

You can find those at any office supply store for under $20 a pack! The only trick about those markers is that you cannot put the clothes in the dryer. They have to be washed on cold setting and air dry! That's it!
I also got cotton onesies from Walmart.. they are great quality and SUPER cheap! and I love cheap! ; )

This is the one I made for Max:

For his, I used the blue marker which looks a lot like a denim blue almost.. I really like it!
His real name is Jean-Maxime Miller... Miller is the initial in the middle and I made it a little bigger than the other letters!

First, I got on the computer and found a font that I liked!
Print it in black, and trim a little your 8.5x11 sheet of paper.

Insert your peice of paper inside the onesie with support right under it. I used a children's book for this project.
Set it all in place and trace your letters with your Sharpies!!

looks good, right?

Way too easy and too cool of a gift!
And think about how much money you are saving... with all these colors, think about how many personalized gifts you can make for the holidays... birthdays... special occasions!..
SO many possibilities!!!!!!

And this what I made for the twins!!!!

I got Newborn size onesies for the little ladies, so I used a DVD case as my support to trace out my letters:

I recommend to outline your letters first:

Then fill the letters in with colors, and Voila:

Super cute gifts, right?

and if you want to see the endless possibilities out there, check out the Sharpie's web site, but before you do that, check out my friend Melissa's Etsy shop where she's explored the art of the "Sharpie Stained" and made really cute "trompe l'oeil" purses!

( she was my maid of honor at my wedding! I just love her!!!! and I hope you love everything she makes and sells just like I do!!!! ) Here is the link to the Amelie bag:

But you NEED to look at the rest of her shop! She's got the wit and talent no one else has! I love it!

and here is the link to Sharpie's web page:

oh, and ENJOY!!!! Have fun creating!!!

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